How A Mental Game Plan Used In Sports Generates Business Success And Exceptional Human Performance?

In these ultra competitive times it is vital to look for any competitive advantage that can be acquired by watching, monitoring and benchmarking other professions, strategies and thought processes. Often the one area overlooked that has the most potential is that of the attitude, mindset, behaviour and performance of the individual. These psychological skills are the foundation of success in sport and used continually by the world's greatest champions.<br> <br> The modern day manager and organisation are not comfortable in approaching these areas in their workforce and instead leave performance as a by-product of the old motivational style of reward and punishment. They think that staff are inherently lazy and occupy a place at work to use as a means to an end in the continual cycle of rising prices, job cuts, society acceptance and market changes. However, science knows differently and people love to work,create and perform both for themselves and their organisations. The last 50 years of scientific research in to what motivates us, highlights huge differences between the results and what business actually does in this area.<br> <br> Motivation in the workplace is just one of the functional areas of mental Professional Skills Training - training and the other 11 range from concentration, mental toughness through to self-confidence etc. This skill set is practiced daily by sporting champions and is proven to work. This proof has been researched and tested in the lab and on the playing field over the last 100 years or so and this body of evidence is transferable into the corporate world if produced by specialists who have experience of both arenas and can produce dramatic results. It is not a soft-skill nor is it touchy-feely but an approach that can make your executives, owners, managers and employees start to think differently about their day to day challenges and the people around them. An athlete will never feel uncomfortable in being taught these skills and being asked to implement them daily, in fact they demand them in their pursuit of glory and contribution. Your leaders and owners should think the same way. The world is changing and so is business. The competitive advantage being gained by new products, markets and processes are being replaced by unique solutions to smaller groups of buyers that have to come from your workforce. They need to have autonomy in their roles and become solution providers to different niches of purchasers.<br> <br> These skills blend into our passion for exceptional human and management performance in all walks of life, be it an executive driving through company change to a ballerina overcoming stage fright on opening night. I think the business concept that we are discussing is that of the 'Corporate Athlete' who has complete control of their psychological core, mindset, inner excellence, mental strength and the ability to perform under the highest amounts of pressure continually. Everyone in the workplace has the ability to perform like an Olympic Athlete after being taught how mental skills work and accepting them into their lives just like sporting performers.<br> <br> The benefits to an organisation are as follows:<br> <br> A highly motivated and focused workforce that represent the company and deliver daily<br> <br> Less absenteeism, labour turnover and replacement costs assisting HR departments<br> <br> Increased profits due to productivity of all company members and extra unique solutions<br> <br> Exceptional customer service and support ensuring repeat business<br> <br> Creative solutions and new and enhanced products and services for company growth<br> <br> Less stress and other damaging emotional responses which equates to wellness and profits<br> <br> These benefits could enable you to grow, ride out the recession and continually improve by just utilising the resource that you already have. If we see something that works, that is underpinned by the scientific literature and can be explosive to performance, then why would we not try it? Organisations invest in the new buzz words, they sign up to techniques like NLP which does not have the body of evidence behind it and purchase emotional intelligence strategies which is just 1/12th of psychological skills training packages but fear to tread anywhere near the human part of the body above the shoulders. HR personnel need to think about these issues and to recommend mental game plans for all staff to their Chief Officers, utilising the latest technology platforms and applications that are available to deliver the business training and motivating employees programmes.
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