Acupuncture and natural herbs successfully goodies endometriosis: here's how in addition nutritional tips!

excerpt from &ldquo;Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medication for Women&rsquo;s Wellness: Bridging the Distance Between Western and Eastern Medication&rdquo;<br> <br> Endometriosis, the forming of tissue outside of the endometrium<br> <br> (uterine wall), may create painful menstrual periods, premenstrual spotting,<br> <br> pain during intercourse, infertility, abdominal or diff use pelvic discomfort, bloating,<br> <br> constipation or diarrhea. Symptoms could also include low back discomfort or pain<br> <br> radiating towards the inner thigh, pain upon defecation, fatigue or sometimes nausea<br> <br> or vomiting. The severe nature of the discomfort may not truly disclose the severity of<br> <br> the condition, as some women may present without pain.<br> <br> Western View<br> <br> Western medications and remedies include:<br> <br> &bull; Birth control used consistently to suppress ovulation.<br> <br> &bull; Danazol, Provera, Lupron, Duphaston, Synarel or Zoladex, utilized to<br> <br> suppress ovulation and the regular span of hormones through the<br> <br> menstrual cycle.<br> <br> &bull; A laparoscopy executed to drain fluids and remove small patches<br> <br> of cells. The cysts or tissues are sometimes referred to as &ldquo;chocolate<br> <br> cysts&rdquo; because of their coloring.<br> <br> &bull; More intensive surgery to eliminate larger areas of displaced or scar tissue<br> <br> or even to unblock fallopian tubes. Surgery is not the final answer because<br> <br> tissue may and oft en does, grow back again, leading to recurrent symptoms.<br> <br> TCM Pathology<br> <br> Difficult menstrual stream accompanied by discomfort and clotting of tissues or<br> <br> by pain that disrupts other channels (Liver organ, Spleen and Tummy) causes abdominal or back discomfort, bloating or indigestion, fatigue, or headaches. Kidney<br> <br> Yang deficiency is usually the root cause, often followed by Spleen Qi<br> <br> deficiency or Liver Qi stagnation. This network marketing leads to Blood stagnation.<br> <br> In today&rsquo;s busy globe, each folks carries an enormous amount of tension.<br> <br> Tension among professional and operating women is frequently chronic and<br> <br> overwork disrupts the also circulation of Qi and Blood. The blockage of Blood<br> <br> flow restricts the normal cycle. Environmental harmful toxins and poor diet also<br> <br> contribute, as perform traumas and abdominal surgeries.<br> <br> If menstrual spotting occurs, it is due to the Bloodstream unsuccessfully looking to<br> <br> flow evenly inside the channels. Symbolically, it is being pushed from the stations because it offers overfilled the Uterus without the available open exit valve.<br> <br> Rules of Qi and Blood during the four phases of the menstrual cycle<br> <br> is required. Consequently, regulation of hormones can be section of TCM treatment, as<br> <br> contrasted to the suppression of the standard function of hormones.<br> <br> What things to expect from TCM treatment?<br> <br> The target is to correct the main problem during each one of these phases by<br> <br> fine-tuning the TCM protocol. <br> <br> TCM Pattern Differentiations<br> <br> Qi Insufficiency:<br> <br> &bull; Feeling exhausted and fragile.<br> <br> &bull; Dull, aching pain before, during or after menstruation.<br> <br> &bull; Overworked, overwhelmed.<br> <br> &bull; Cool hands and ft.<br> <br> &bull; Insomnia.<br> <br> &bull; Poor urge for food.<br> <br> &bull; Tongue body may have scalloped, teeth-marked edges.<br> <br> &bull; Tongue may haven't any coating.<br> <br> Qi stagnation:<br> <br> &bull; High-level or constant stress.<br> <br> &bull; Pressure or migraines.<br> <br> &bull; High blood circulation pressure, irritability, anger or repressed emotions.<br> <br> &bull; The sides of the tongue could be redder compared to the body of the tongue.<br> <br> &bull; Sharpened, stabbing pain or pain ahead of or during menstruation.<br> <br> Blood stagnation:<br> <br> &bull; Pain ahead of or during menstruation.<br> <br> &bull; Sharp, stabbing pain.<br> <br> &bull; Palpable reduced abdominal masses.<br> <br> &bull; Clots.<br> <br> &bull; Crimson- colored tongue body.<br> <br> Coldness (Can be deficiency or excess):<br> <br> Many texts use the term &ldquo;Cold uterus.&rdquo; Cool is normally inhibiting, confining,<br> <br> cramping and stagnating. The Kidney channel starts on your toes and runs<br> <br> through the Uterus therefore, TCM theory believes that coldness in the feet<br> <br> runs up the Kidney channel through the uterus, inhibiting or confining Qi<br> <br> and blood circulation. This affects fertility and the correct functioning from the reproductive<br> <br> system. Traditional tips: &ldquo;Wear socks and keep your feet warm!&rdquo;<br> <br> &bull; Generally, one who runs/feels frosty and seems better with temperature.<br> <br> &bull; Frequent urination.<br> <br> &bull; Cramping, severe pain prior to or during menstruation.<br> <br> &bull; Tongue layer may be white.<br> <br> Heat:<br> <br> &bull; Heat in the stations could cause the Blood to &ldquo;boil over,&rdquo; producing a<br> <br> large, painful menstrual circulation.<br> <br> &bull; Person who runs warm, sweats quickly or has a facial flush.<br> <br> &bull; Yellow tongue coating.<br> <br> Dampness/Phlegm:<br> <br> Dampness, characterized since slow moving and congealing, causes sluggishness<br> <br> or lethargy, producing mucus and resulting in stagnation.<br> <br> &bull; Tongue covering may be white and appearance slimy, greasy or dense.<br> <br> &bull; Plethora of phlegm or mucus.<br> <br> &bull; Thirst but no desire to drink fluids.<br> <br> &bull; Feeling &ldquo;heavy&rdquo; or having heavy feelings or lethargy.<br> <br> Healthy Living Tips for Better Health<br> <br> Nutrition and Dietary Guidelines:<br> <br> Aphrodite Women's Health (2004) reported the incidence of endometriosis<br> <br> is definitely 40% less among females who consumed more fresh fruit and<br> <br> vegetables. Females with a high intake of beef, ham or additional red<br> <br> meats, increased their risk of endometriosis by 80&ndash;100%. There is a connection<br> <br> between diet plan and endometriosis!<br> <br> 1. Eat a high-fiber diet plan consisting of wholegrains (wheat, oats, rye,<br> <br> spelt, quinoa) and legumes.<br> <br> 2. Vegetables high in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E) and bioflavonoids &ndash; like carrots and yams, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, sugary potatoes, green and reddish peppers are advantageous.<br> <br> &bull;3.Vitamin C and xvideo - green foods (wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina) clean,<br> <br> nourish, move the blood, create circulation and remove stagnation.<br> <br> 4. Eat foods high in Supplement B, selenium and zinc.<br> <br> 5. Eliminate caffeine, alcohol, salt and animal fats.<br> <br> Pattern Differentiations:<br> <br> If the menstrual discomfort is derived from Stagnant Blood, it can be ameliorated<br> <br> by:<br> <br> 1. Foods that move and clean the Blood, like wholesome organic<br> <br> fruits and vegetables.<br> <br> 2. Eating foods saturated in antioxidants and bioflavonoids (tomato vegetables,<br> <br> lemons, limes, apricots, grapes, beets, celery, strawberries, blueberries,<br> <br> blackberries).<br> <br> 3. Adding kelp, seaweed, spirulina and chlorella - .<br> <br> 4. Adding onions, garlic, scallions to move and warm the Blood.<br> <br> 5. Eating wholegrains like brown rice, quinoa and 100% whole wheat.<br> <br> 6. Consuming linoleic and alpha-linoleic fatty acids found in pumpkin<br> <br> seeds, flaxseed, primrose (gamma linolenic acid-omega 6) and olive<br> <br> oil.<br> <br> 7. Taking omega 3 fatty acids found in fish or linseed oil.<br> <br> 8. Avoiding sophisticated and hydrogenated oils.<br> <br> 9. Avoiding animal items treated with steroids or antibiotics.<br> <br> For Cold conditions, eat foods with properties that are neutral or<br> <br> warm in nature (coffee beans, leeks, onions, carrots, garlic, ginger, wheat<br> <br> bran, millet, venison, meat, turkey, poultry, mangos, papaya, pineapple,<br> <br> figs, fairly sweet potatoes, yams, reddish and green cabbage).<br> <br> Liver organ Qi stagnation:<br> <br> If you suffer from high tension, anger, tension or irritability try to:<br> <br> 1. Chew your meal slowly, sit back and enjoy each food without<br> <br> multi-tasking.<br> <br> 2. Eat smaller, more frequent foods.<br> <br> 3. Exercise.<br> <br> 4. Eat wholesome organic and healthy foods rather than processed<br> <br> and refined foods containing chemicals and preservatives.<br> <br> 5. Yoga!<br> <br> 6. Forget about issues you have no control over and live as soon as.<br> <br> 7. Avoid alcohol, cigs or caffeine.<br> <br> 8. Heat conditions react negatively to alcohol, caffeine and spicy or<br> <br> greasy foods.<br> <br> 9. Heat circumstances respond favorably to foods with awesome properties,<br> <br> such as ocean fish, shrimp, crab, milk, yogurt, strawberries,<br> <br> pears, persimmons, tomato vegetables, pearl barley, brown rice, whole wheat, tofu,<br> <br> mung, dark or kidney coffee beans, mint, green, or chamomile tea, cilantro,<br> <br> American ginseng, sprouts, kale, broccoli, alfalfa, cauliflower,<br> <br> watercress, winter squash, eggplant, asparagus, beets, bok choy or<br> <br> endive.<br> <br> 10. Damp circumstances worsen with sugars, juices and over-consumption<br> <br> of fruits.<br> <br> 11. Eliminate milk products, alcoholic beverages, spicy, or greasy foods. Eat more<br> <br> alkaline grains such as barley or brownish rice, spinach, watercress,<br> <br> brussel sprouts, turnips, avocado, zucchini or green coffee beans.<br> <br> ~In Her Own Words~ My Patient Stories<br> <br> &ldquo;We responded &ldquo;so-so&rdquo; to my 3 IVF cycles. I became pregnant twice<br> <br> but miscarried both instances. I am delicate to medications, but the<br> <br> doctors didn&rsquo;t seem to hear me! With endometriosis, my cycles were<br> <br> regular every single 28 days with 2-3 days of heavy stream and 1-2 days<br> <br> of light flow. I had fashioned severe cramps, moodiness and disturbed rest.<br> <br> Also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, I was extremely<br> <br> anxious! I was overweight and fatigue was my middle name! It<br> <br> wasn&rsquo;t until I tried acupuncture and organic medicine the IBS<br> <br> resolved and my energy returned. I slept better and got the courage<br> <br> and strength to start exercising. I halted my fertility treatments<br> <br> for 3 months so I could draw myself together. I calm more and<br> <br> focused on consuming the proper nutritional selections for my TCM pattern.<br> <br> I returned to the fertility clinic for just one last try.<br> <br> At 42 years old, I delivered a wholesome baby girl.<br> <br> I believe TCM gave me the grounding I<br> <br> needed and fixed the root of my imbalances.<br> <br> I by no means felt as calm and peaceful as once i was having treatment. I try to bring that goodness beside me today. What<br> <br> would have happened if I had started<br> <br> sooner?&rdquo; Ellen<br> <br> Research Supports the Effectiveness! Read on!<br> <br> &bull; Endometriosis &mdash; CHM better?<br> <br> Andrew Flower, PhD, conducted a randomized controlled study with<br> <br> CHM subsequent laparoscopic surgical treatment in endometriosis patients. The<br> <br> CHM patients achieved better sign control set alongside the conventional<br> <br> medicine, Danazol and were much like gestrinone. Patients<br> <br> taking CHM reported fewer unwanted effects. The pregnancy rate was similar<br> <br> with either treatment (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009).<br> <br> &bull; Effective Treatment of 48 situations of endometriosis<br> <br> The duration of their disease had lasted from as short as half a year to so long as 18 years. The total amelioration rate was 89.5% (B. Flaws, Trans. 1997).<br> <br> &bull; Effective Treatment of 38 situations of endometriosis<br> <br> Thirty eight women were treated with a protocol<br> <br> that utilized herbs that resolved abdominal pain. Twenty-six had been cured,<br> <br> which meant that their symptoms disappeared which their ultrasound<br> <br> exam was normal. Another five situations experienced some improvement and<br> <br> seven cases acquired no outcomes. Treatment lasted from as brief as one course<br> <br> to as long as six programs of herbal remedies. The cure price was 68.4% and<br> <br> the full total amelioration rate for this group was 81.6%.(B. Flaws, Trans. 1997).<br> <br> &bull; The treating 40 situations of endometriosis by He Shu-ying<br> <br> Ages ranged with this research from 24-48 years old. The span of disease<br> <br> ranged in one year to so long as 18 years. Among the 40<br> <br> women included in the research, 25 were infertile. Thirty-one had had previous<br> <br> surgical procedure for ectopic pregnancies, artificial abortions and additional such<br> <br> surgical treatments. Thirty-seven cases experienced occasionally intense<br> <br> stomach and menstrual pain. Twelve had pain with sexual intercourse. Twenty eight<br> <br> had pelvic pain. Eighteen had a heavy, tugging, distended, anal stress.<br> <br> 33 women skilled marked improvement and seven conceived afterwards.<br> <br> Four cases experienced some improvement and three instances had no<br> <br> results. Therefore, the mixed amelioration price was 92.5% (B. Defects, Trans.<br> <br> 1997).<br> <br> &bull; Women ranged in age from 21-53 years of age, with the average age of<br> <br> 36.9 years. Thirty-four cases had unpleasant menstruation and menstrual irregularity.<br> <br> Seven women were infertile. Twenty-seven of the women had<br> <br> so-called chocolate ovarian cysts. Gynecological examination found<br> <br> unpleasant nodulations in 20 cases and 1 / 3 of the ladies had<br> <br> retroverted uteri. Two different formulas had been administered.<br> <br> Complete cure consisted of disappearances from the symptoms and the<br> <br> infertile patients becoming pregnant. Marked improvement contains<br> <br> disappearance from the symptoms with the cysts or nodules low in size<br> <br> by half or even more. Also, those who had been infertile conceived. Some improvement<br> <br> meant how the symptoms were stabilized somewhat but the majority<br> <br> of symptoms weren't eliminated. Four instances or 11.4% were cured, 20 (57.15%) were markedly improved<br> <br> and eight or (22.9%) experienced some improvement. Hence, the mixed amelioration<br> <br> rate was 91.4%. Since the Kidney system is essential to menstruation<br> <br> and reproduction, the herbs chosen in this particular study benefited<br> <br> the Kidney system among other criteria (B. Flaws, Trans. 1997).<br> <br> &bull; Clinical research of the treatment of 68 instances of endometriosis by<br> <br> Chang Nuan & Ma Ping-chong<br> <br> The women ranged in age from 27 to 43 having a median age of 35.3<br> <br> years. All had been married as well as the course of their disease experienced lasted from six<br> <br> several weeks to 12 years with a median duration of 3.8 years.<br> <br> The full total effectiveness rate for this protocol was 94.1%.<br> <br> (B. Defects, Trans. 1997).<br> <br> &bull; Clinical achievement in the treatment of 89 instances of<br> <br> endometriosis<br> <br> The ladies ranged in age from 23 to 46. Their disease course had lasted from 90 days to 11 years. After 1-3 classes of treatment, 31 cases (34.8%) were cured. Thirty-seven<br> <br> cases (41.6%) had marked impact. Sixteen instances (17.9%) had some<br> <br> impact. And five cases (5.6%) experienced simply no effect. Thus 76.4% had<br> <br> proclaimed effect or better and the full total effectiveness rate was 94.4% (B.<br> <br> Imperfections, Trans. 1997). <br> <br> Clinical studies show Positive Treatment of Endometriosis with herbs:<br> <br> &bull; A control band of 349 women treated with CHM (Dane combination)<br> <br> had a total effective price of 95% (Cai, Shu, & Xie, 1999).<br> <br> &bull; Within a controlled study of 65 cases of endometriosis and ovarian masses<br> <br> treated with CHM (fu Liu Pill), 30 instances (29.2%) were cured.<br> <br> Thirty instances (23.1%) were markedly effective, fifty-two (40%) of the<br> <br> cases were effective and 10 cases showed simply no improvement. The full total<br> <br> effective rate was 92.3% (Chu, 1996).<br> <br> &bull; Within a randomized controlled study of 103 subjects with western<br> <br> medicine vs. CHM (Neiyixiao), there have been no significant distinctions in treatment results, meaning the herbal products worked as well for endometriosis as the Western treatment (Liu, Li, & Hu, 1998).<br> <br> &bull; A control band of 53 treated with CHM produced a pregnancy rate<br> <br> of 45% (Zhu & Cheng, 1993).
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